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Urban Jungle Invites Animated Records
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► When ✖ Saturday 3rd of May 2014.

► Where ✖ Europahal, Tielt , Belgium.

► What ✖ 100% drum & bass music

► Damage ✖ ONLY €10,- (PRESALE) !!!


▁▂▃▅ MAIN ROOM ▅▃▂▁
Hosted by: Animated Rec & Urban Jungle

✖ MICKY FINN (Urbantakeover Rec) /uk
✖ MAMPI SWIFT (Charge Rec) /uk
✖ ORIGINAL SIN (Playaz Rec) /uk
✖ MAJISTRATE (LowDownDeep Rec) /uk
✖ RUFFSTUFF (V Rec) /uk

✖ ANNIX (Animated Rec) /uk
✖ CABIN FEVER (Animated Rec) /uk
✖ VERSION (Animated Rec) /uk
✖ CUSH D & CONSIST (Animated Rec) /uk
✖ SPAOW & SQLOSH (Animated Rec) / be

Hosts – Mc’s Unknown & MDMC /uk


▁▂▃▅ BELGIAN ROOM ▅▃▂▁
Hosted by: Bad Habitz vs. Generator

✖ SKANKTANK & DIMITAR (Sub Salute & Dub damage R) /be
✖ BITROOTS & SORTED SEIZURE (Sub Salute, walking dead rec) /be
✖ BETA BROTHERS (Invaderz) /be
✖ PULP MIXION (Basic Summerfest) /be
✖ KRUPNIK (Bad Habitz) /be
✖ LA JUNTA (Generator) /be
✖ D-KAY (Trauma) /be
✖ JUICY (Local talent) /be

Host – Mc Siga (Bad Habitz) /be


► Doors > 21h – 06h

► Entrance > €10,- (Presale) / €15,- (Doorsale)
- More info soon -

► Venue > Generaal Maczekplein 5, 8700 Tielt


Urban Jungle is back party people put it in your diaries
◈3th of May◈ We will come together for an evening and night that promises to be unforgettable to say the least!

This Urban Jungle edition will be 100% Drum and Bass! Now we are going to invade the Europahal in Tielt with an ear-shattering sound system and a mind-boggling light show! And we won’t do this alone. We’ve invited the label of ANNIX (aka Konichi & Decimal Bass) Animated Records with special guest head-liners and a killer line-up.

Animated Recordings, formally set up to showcase the sounds of Annix, will soon become a recognised label, with the first two releases gaining huge support. With label owners Konichi & Decimal Bass being signed exclusively to Playaz in 2013, the label took a back seat as their debut album ‘Inception’ was being written. Bringing in a label & events manager, the brand now stands as a platform for the fresh sounds of Drum&Bass, from artists across the globe, with tracks being selected by Annix.

Keep an ear out for the forthcoming ANIMATED LP, featuring tracks from the likes of Cabin Fever, Hoogs, Version, Jam Thieves, Aesthetics and more…



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